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Dragon Ball Z TCG Perfection 2016 Booster Box

Cell, the ultimate Android, takes shape in Dragon Ball Z TCG Perfection. Play with this new villain as he evolves through his imperfect and semi-perfect forms before achieving ultimate Perfect Cell form. Much like his mysterious arrival, Cell will be obtainable through new distribution methods. One random level of a Hi-Tech Cell personality will be included with every box! Beyond that, special 7-star Dragon Rare foil versions of Cell will be available in booster packs.

Perfection introduces 142 new cards including Yamcha, Master Roshi and Android 16 as new playable personalities. A handful of new Named cards will be included for legacy characters, and more Android cards to boot! The styled card pool will flesh out interactions and new synergies with the recently released Masteries from Evolution. Collect two dynamic and potent ultra-rare cards, one of which was designed by Gen-Con champion Phil McGrath! Perfection also features a fan-favourite foil pattern to collect.

Booster box breakdown (on average):

  • 24 rare cards
  • 8 parallel foil cards
  • 1 Hi-Tech box-topper
  • 1 Ultra Rare every other box

All pre-orders will receive a free random promotional card with their order.

Releases March 2016

$130.00 Sold Out

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