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Afterworld TCG Genesis Starter Box: Atlantean and Norse

Introducing AFTERWORLD from Panini.

In the Afterworld, the greatest champions from the civilisations of Atlantis, Viking legend, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Japan are pitted against each other for dominance.

With stunning original artwork and exciting game play, Afterworld offers players the best of both worlds, a complete and compelling game experience with the fun of chasing rare cards to enhance the experience.

Will the Atlantean commander be able to stop the Norse Commander from razing the beautiful undersea territories of Atlantis? Will the Japanese Commander be victorious in subjugating the best units from Ancient Egypt?

Play Afterworld and find out!

Each Afterworld Genesis Starter includes:

  • Two 60-card decks, one 24-card territory deck, one 10-card booster pack, two play mats, one rule book, 12 Commander cards and six plastic stands.
  • Each starter includes enough cards for two players to play a complete game with two competing factions: fierce Norse fighters against the mysterious Atlanteans, or the cunning Egyptians against the divine Japanese warriors.
  • Two different sets of rules, one for casual "out of the box" play and a streamlined version for tournament play will be included with each base game.

Learn more at http://www.afterworldgame.com/

    $39.95 $14.95

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